ArtUmbrella Spotlight: Little One’s Doodles

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I am very excited to announce our latest and most exciting category ever – ArtUmbrella Spotlight! A space packed with exclusive interviews of artists who will make known their stories challenges and suggestions to you. This feature will be unveiled on the 1st of every month for your dose of inspiration.

And so, here’s focusing the first ever ArtUmbrella Spotlight on… (drumroll) the young, vibrant, colourful Maheswari Janarthanan a.k.a Little One’s Doodles.

Maheswari Janarthanan

In December 2009, Maheswari Janarthanan, a visual communication graduate from the University of Madras, felt the need to take a break from her job as a graphic designer. Little did she know that in three months, she wouldn’t find a job but something much more precious; an undiscovered talent. “I was bored at home so I started to illustrate. That’s how I discovered it or rather, it discovered me! Even when I think about it now, I feel overwhelmed and thankful. It was like magic. Suddenly, out of nowhere I got all the imagination. It’s amazing!” says the lively artist who calls her work Little One’s Doodles.

Dream Catcher by Little One's Doodles

Faces by Little One's Doodles

Maheshwari seeks inspiration from music, movies, books, colours, people, nature and even the underwater world. In fact her popular illustration, ‘I had a dream’ was immediately created after listening to the song ‘Dream’ by Priscilla Ahn. Her other illustrations such as Magic in the Water, Catch a Falling Star, Moondance have similar tale behind them. She also looks up to Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Camilla Engman, Hemant Anant Jain, Oliver Jeffers and holds a special place for the Ballet Painting of Edgar Degas and the colours of Van Gogh. “But I do not restrict myself to a particular style of illustration and prefer to experiment.” Every piece of her work that she has put up on her website and facebook page is exceptional. But she does have her personal favourites – Dream catcher, By the Deep Sea and Faces.

By the Deep Sea by Little One's Doodles

Though this young illustrator completely loves what she does, following one’s heart comes with its set of complexities. “Explaining to people what I do, is the most difficult part. They don’t understand and keep asking why I don’t do a regular job. After a point it gets irritating,” vents Maheshwari but quickly adds, “The most amazing thing about being a creative person is the ability to imagine! The way your mind works is fascinating.”

Maheshwari’s advice to aspiring illustrators is simple. “Keep practicing and dreaming. Also a lot of patience helps. Something which I lack.”

Happy Stickers by Little One's Doodles

Elephant Cushion Covers by Little One's Doodles

People Notebooks by Little One's Doodles

Storage Baskets by Little One's Doodles

You will find Little One’s Doodles artworks, stationery and home decor products on facebook. She has uploaded her recently commissioned work on her website

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