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There is so much one can do with a worn-out denim pair of trousers other than shortening into capris or hot-pants. And at ArtUmbrella, we think just that. 

This woven fabric with usually blue warp and white threads sometimes woven in coloured stripes; is one material that retains its charm when its colour fades and the ruggedness morphs into a soft and lighter piece  for a vintage feel. Available in a range  colours such as plain blue and black to even pop hues and pastels and a range of washes like monkey-wash, acid wash, moon wash, frosted wash and white wash; denim offers you an array of options to mix-and-match and recreate something new.

One popular denim-recycling trend includes converting the ‘butt area’ with all its pockets, zip and metallic studs into a bag. Also another common aspect is revamping of old trousers by shredding it in the right places for the tattered biker/punk image, cutting of the defined edges to create tassels; and ‘tattooing’ a pattern in ball-point or paint around the calf or ankles.

But ArtUmbrella’s Denim Theory doesn’t merely recycle. The ‘theory’ stands for recycling to recreate an entirely different product that looks brand new. Denim is textured so beautifully, and is also quite sturdy to remain durable for long long time. Besides, most of us, including me, cannot live without that favourite pair of denim trousers. By recycling denim, you can prolong the material, explore your creative side and also have something durable and sturdy to stay with you for a long while.

For more than a year, we’ve been contacting designers, handed them used denim that our friends readily ‘donated’ for this cause. The designers took on the challenge of taming the sturdy material to recreate a range of products with denim as the base.  The brief given to them is to create a unique, rarely seen item out of denim that should be quirky sporting recycled accessorizes like safety pins, buttons, lace, thread etc. This did not mean that they should think of denim as mere raw material but go deeper and establish their own denim theory on what denim means to them and why they created what they created. So each blog post is not just visually inspiring but the visitor also gets to read the designer’s thoughts or her own theory.

The final creations I must say are simply outstanding and reinforce the power of recycling in style.

Starting from this week, Samantha Dias, a friend and an ArtUmbrella supporter, will introduce each designer with their denim creation. Samantha with her double graduation in Philosophy and English Literature has dabbled in a variety of fields from HR to Furniture designing to even running her own spa for a while. Currently, writing and music are part of her life.

*Denim Theory was a concept shared with my former ArtUmbrella partner Anusha Pinto. All the posters for this recycle-series are her brilliant creations.

Here’s officially kickstarting Denim Theory 2013!




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